Microsoft is preparing a replacement for the failed WIndows 10

Microsoft готовит замену провальной WIndows 10

There is a fourth year from the moment that entered the market operating system Windows 10. However, with each year getting worse OS, and Microsoft urgently need to do something. However, the market will soon be a brand new OS that will replace Windows 10.

Microsoft готовит замену провальной WIndows 10

The first test build of OS Lite will be released in a few days after the presentation and until the moment of the release of the final stable version to support this OS will be the only application of PWA and UWP, while the classic Win32 add in the final Assembly, which is due out at the end of 2019, but maybe it will happen later. However, users hope that the wait is worth it.

Users will find a uniform design across the entire operating system and standard programs, and right out of the box new Lite OS will support morning and night theme. It is no secret that the OS may appear on tablets and even on smartphones.

Microsoft готовит замену провальной WIndows 10

Recall that sales of smartphone with no buttons and holes Meizu Zero failed miserably. However, it was obvious, because humanity is not yet ready for such an unusual smartphones, the price tag of which exceeds 1300$. Device though received top stuffing, but the price is still obviously too high. The company reported that the release of the smartphone was a joke, but not really believed the message from the head of the company.

Earlier Znayu reported that a huge number of Android applications can follow users to merge data from the company Facebook. We have prepared a list of apps that merge your data the largest social network in the world.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi has announced that the smartphones of the Corporation in the future considerably more expensive. The head of the company said that smartphones, cheaper 8 000 UAH will no longer be on the market and the Corporation will begin to build the reputation of the manufacturer of expensive smartphones.

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