Microsoft renounced Skype Classic

Microsoft отреклась от Skype Classic

Microsoft will no longer support the seventh version of Skype known as Skype Classic. Now all users are invited either to upgrade to the eighth version, or to abandon it. Apparently, Skype is very popular and the company decided to reduce support for the service, and now plans to only update the latest version and asks users to update the service yourself.

Microsoft отреклась от Skype Classic

“Next time, when you quit Skype or restart the computer, you will need to upgrade to Skype to continue to use it”, — stated in the message that the program displays. However, as the company tried to improve the service works it is still bad by the standards of 2019. For example, the same Telegram runs much faster.

Microsoft отреклась от Skype Classic

Many users were reluctant to upgrade to the latest, because the new version lacks many of the classic virtues: you cannot open multiple Windows with dialogs at the same time, customize hotkeys, fonts, and sounds messages without installing Windows 10. However, Microsoft have forced users to use a limited version of Skype.

Recall that the head of the company Xiaomi has promised to surprise the world in 2019. Apparently, the company has prepared several interesting innovations that can revolutionize the smartphone market. Among other things worth noting is the fact that the company started to produce phones with smartphones, the main feature of which is the presence of top-end camera. For example, the company introduced the Redmi smartphone, the Redmi Note 7 at a price of $ 150, which received a 48-megapixel camera.

Earlier Znayu reported that the popular video hosting YouTube will remain no dislikes allowed. Google said that the service users make use of this feature for other purposes, and put a negative evaluation is not due to poor content quality, but because of the bad news, which the blog described.

Znayu wrote that the transparent smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition will soon appear on the territory of Europe, and therefore in Ukraine. This is great news for those who wanted to buy a smartphone with a transparent back cover.

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