Microsoft Store for Windows is infested with viruses, is under attack – every

Microsoft Store для Windows кишит вирусами, под ударом - каждый

The company’s specialists Symantec found in the official Microsoft Store eight apps for Windows 10, cryptocurrency mining Monero behind users. Such applications about a dozen. Although the store is not very popular among WIndows users, the presence of these hack shops already talking about the fact that the company monitors the products that appears in their service.

Microsoft Store для Windows кишит вирусами, под ударом - каждый

Although these products were created by three different developers (DigiDream, 1clean and Findoo), the researchers came to the conclusion that all eight applications have been the handiwork of one person or group of people. This is indicated by the similarity of source codes and the same domains that were used for different products.

Because Microsoft does not counter the number of installs, researchers don’t know how many users could be affected by masked miners. Experts say that the number of reviews the application has several thousand, which is enough for the average application.

Microsoft Store для Windows кишит вирусами, под ударом - каждый

Recall that the voice assistant from Apple Siri is capable to discharge your smart phone. And does it invisibly so that the user can aide and even not to use it. Siri in the background will listen to your every word to not miss a request of the owner. However, it can easily be disabled, if this is a problem.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Microsoft has decided to bring to mind the Windows 10. The company fixed more than 70 vulnerabilities, so OSes will work more stable. Besides, mistakes are corrected to apply to other OSes.

Znayu wrote that the company Honor publicly ridiculed the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9. The manufacturer is positioning the smartphone as a leader in the market. However, Huawei believes that it is not.

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