Microsoft would make absolutely all smartphones with Windows 10

Microsoft подружит абсолютно все  смартфоны с Windows 10

This week Microsoft is starting to test an updated version of its app Your Phone for Windows 10, which allows owners of Android devices directly display smartphone screen on PC. However, some time this feature will be available only for testers of Microsoft products.

Microsoft подружит абсолютно все  смартфоны с Windows 10

In the past year, Microsoft has already demonstrated a feature Phone screen. App Your Phone is running by displaying the screen of the smartphone right into Windows 10. This displays a list of available apps for Android. The user can click on icons to access them, and they will run in the remote session, the smartphone that is being mirrored on the computer. And although the system may seem confusing, the controls intuitive, and the interface itself. However, this is great news for those who don’t want to part with their smartphone, even when using a PC.

Microsoft подружит абсолютно все  смартфоны с Windows 10

Microsoft requires you to use a wireless connection with Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral mode. In other words, your smartphone will sync with the computer using a wireless network. You can forget about USB wires.

Recall that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked to the network. It is reported that the device will get the fancy screen like the Galaxy S10, and the holes in the display under the front camera. In addition, on the back of the device will house a Quad camera that will surpass the quality of the photo even Galaxy S10, the price of which starts from 25 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Nokia PureView camera phone 9 checked for maintainability. It turned out that under the body of a huge amount of glue, and to disassemble the apparatus, it is necessary to Unscrew the 13 bolts. However, in home conditions, the smartphone can be repaired, but you should have patience.

Znayu wrote that the head of Huawei announced that, if necessary, may abandon Android and Windows 10 for our devices. Most likely, the company already is developing its own smartphone OS, and even PCs. However, when the world sees the creation of the Chinese Corporation is unknown.

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