Militiamen will check up the fact of beating of the doctor patient ultrasound

Woman in anger struck the medic keypad on the head.

Правоохранители проверят факт избиения врача пациенткой УЗИ

Law enforcement officers of the Omsk region will verify the fact of beating of the doctor patient ultrasound. This is necessary in order to establish all the circumstances. After that it will be given a legal assessment of the incident. Also will find out all the facts of inadequate behavior of the violator. October 24, a woman in one of the hospitals of Omsk on the ultrasound, staged a riot. It all started with the fact that she refused to provide services without a doctor’s referral. Then, being in anger, the woman lashed out at the doctor and hit him with a keyboard on the head. The injured medic got a concussion.

After this incident, the hospital management collects all necessary documents to file for the woman in court. Regional Ministry of health reported that women in the direction indicated ultrasound that the hospital could not do. However, most suspicious that the assignment was crossed out, and on top is written in a different pen.

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