Miller responded to the threats from Washington to curtail the “Nord stream – 2”

The head of “Gazprom” is confident that the gas pipeline to Europe will still reach.

Алексей Миллер отреагировал на угрозы Вашингтона свернуть «Северный поток - 2»


Miller responded to the threats from Washington to curtail the “Nord stream-2”. According to one of the leaders of the Russian “Gazprom”, 200 miles gazoprovoda have managed to build, and with the same success will be laid the remaining kilometers. Left to delay only a thousand kilometers. After the pipeline is completed. He will be able to level to 55 billion cubic meters of “blue fuel” annually.

Now the construction of the GTS is being in the waters of Germany and in the exclusive economic zone of Finland. The pipeline will be laid through the territorial sea or the exclusive economic zone of the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark. However, Denmark is still slow with the building permit. But things can change immediately, as the country held a public hearing on this issue.

Earlier, us Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland said that the US has “plenty of tools” with which Washington will prevent the further construction of the “Nord stream-2”. The Ambassador is confident that the pipeline will make the Old world are vulnerable, and in this case, to recover and the United States. However, to list the “tools” the diplomat refused.

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