“Minx”: Volochkova having an affair with several men.

Fans do not exclude that impoverished ballerina makes a living providing sexual services.

«Распутница»: Волочкова крутит роман сразу с несколькими мужчинами - соцсети


Anastasia continues to intrigue fans with a secret lover whose identity is kept secret. If you have previously ballerina only hinted at the fact that she is loved, more recently, rowdy started to show in the social network of the elect “in parts”. A few days ago Volochkova has published a photo with the feet of the lover, and recently demonstrated a set of images with limbs of a secret admirer, as well as declassified his voice in one of the videos.

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The main thing in life – to love and be loved.?????????? And to close was a favorite that I want to cherish, to admire, that I want to adore, to delight, to surprise, to be treated with awe.???????? Love each other, be in harmony with yourself and others. And be able to enjoy happiness and love from other.?????????? And it doesn’t matter whose feet are in whose hands, in socks or without them ???? The main thing that was next to a man whose legs want to squeeze to the chest and not only.. And who is happy to cuddle overworked my…???????????????????? And because not many people can have such a happy love and feel happy from love.?????????????????? #anastasiamalave #Volochkova #ballet #Russia #I #love #joy #flowers #happiness #we #autumn #creativity #volochkova #instagood #be #love #me #enjoy #best #good

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Attentive fans of analyzed frames love prima and came to the conclusion that Volochkova’s having an affair with several representatives of the fair sex. Fans noticed that in one set of photos depicted the feet belonging to different men. “And there’s three different men?”, “Anastasia, you little one?”, “This is not love. This is the provision of sexual services”, “Minx”, “Become a prostitute” – write indignant users.

On one of the videos followers heard the voice of one of the beloved Volochkova decided that it even turns the affair with his driver. Fans have concluded that the ballerina got himself several lovers. Ariadne ran away from home to the father, not to see a dirty mom for which the Cavaliers have become more important than his own daughter.

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