Mobile technology will help researchers unravel the mysteries of aging

A grant from the National Institute of health of Pennsylvania will allow Martin Sliwinska with his team thanks to the latest developments to understand how small changes in the brain lead to neurologic diseases.

Мобильные технологии помогут исследователям разгадать тайны старения


Received science money, experts plan to spend on the development of mobile technologies. Martin slivinsky with my colleagues wants to do a great job to create an app that replaces a laboratory for the study of the aging process. In order to diagnose the ailments, the elderly have to go to the medical institution. In the experiments it is necessary to examine the test subjects in laboratories, and this entails large financial costs. After creating a new programme cash costs reduced several times. Elderly citizens just will need to simply click on the keys in the automatic mode will be able to determine the level of stress, namely strain affects the brain and ultimately on human health.

In Pennsylvania a group of engineers ready to take on the creation of apps designed to unlock the mysteries of aging. They want to develop a set of software tools to survey the state of human health using mobile technologies.

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