Moisson Quebec and Lauberivière receive donations from restaurateurs

If public health demands isolation, the Trudel brothers have chosen to join forces to make a difference in the region. The team of owners of the Fleur de Lys shopping center with the support of its many restaurateurs responded to the call for help from Quebec food banks to replenish the shelves of foodstuffs, down sharply since the start of the crisis .
NOT e have never been so isolated from each other, yet we have never been so united together, “wrote William Trudel on his Facebook page. For the past three days, he has been busy organizing food collections for the benefit of Moisson Québec and the Lauberivière organization.

Since success does not come alone, Trudel Corporation and its subsidiaries, along with several volunteers and employees, helped move food to food banks. The restorers of his building stock who always had food followed suit.

“All of the tenant restorers in our buildings have agreed to help us supply food banks,” said William Trudel, Founding President and CEO of the Trudel Alliance. “And since we are traveling, we also come to fill the lack of volunteers.”

Collective mutual assistance

The restaurateurs of Coco Frutti de Lévis and Saint-David, Topla !, East Side Mario’s, Shawarma Express Québec, Starbucks Saint-David and the Rascal on boulevard Hamel participated in the movement. According to Mr. Trudel, several service trucks could have been filled with perishable food.

“With little traffic, it is difficult for us and for our restaurateurs. All that remains is to stick together to help those in need, ”he added. It is really heart-warming to witness such an answer. ”

COVID-19: awareness raising for seniors at Fleur de lys

In addition, Fleur de Lys security guards have been posted at the mall since Thursday to remind seniors of the importance of staying at home to protect their health, they who are more likely to develop complications if they have new coronavirus.

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