Monatic touched fans a new photo: real father

Монатик растрогал фанаток новыми фото: настоящий отец

In Instagram account of Dima Monetica a new trend singer often shares with his subscribers moments from private life, publishes a touching photo with his sons according to Cosmopolitan.

So the other day, the artist moved followers a rare family photo on which poses together with his sons – the three of them engrossed in playing the piano, and look like a real rock band.

Монатик растрогал фанаток новыми фото: настоящий отец

In addition to touching frame, Monatic published a video in which one of his guys can not break away from the musical instrument.

We will remind, earlier “Znayu” I wrote about how the popular singer Monatic carefully guards his family from undue public attention and media. So rarely in his blog appear footage with his sons or wife Irina. However, on Sunday, February 10, the artist decided to please his fans in Instagram. Monatic has published a charming family photo, which could be seen two little boys singer.

Also “Znayu” wrote: “Not so long ago clip Deep performed by Nadia Dorofeeva(Dodo) from the group “Time and Glass” and singer Montica scored more than 50 million views. Nadia decided to brag about it on the official page in Instagram, put up a provocative backstage photos, where one walks in a swimsuit next to Monticom. They seem to spend time wonderfully together – the energy from this photo gets over the edge even though that the scene is staged. Poor, poor Dantes – he better watch out, yet seductive wife doesn’t take someone less popular. Fans appreciated the new post Dorofeeva, underneath played out a real storm of comments. “I couldn’t not put this picture and to coincide with our 50,000,000 hits Deep. Dima Monticom thank the whole team! And thanks to everyone who is looking. Otherwise it would be boring!” – written by Ukrainian singer.”

As reported “Znayu” Ukrainian singer Tina Karol broadcast “the voice of the country” jealous Dan Balan to party. Recently hosted the third edition of the project “Golos Krainy”, one of the main discoveries which became the member Katerina Run. She sang the song Dragostea din tei by the Moldovan band O-Zone, clearly labeling the side of Dan Balan.

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