Money: why is the new Apple can not be repaired

Деньги на ветер: почему новинка Apple не поддается ремонту

Many people are suprised at the ingenuity of the engineers cupertinos of Apple, the recent explosion in technology headphones – AirPods.

However, it turned out, they were not all so is simple. Specialists of the workshop iFixit not paid attention to the second generation of earphones. The wonder gadget was dismantled and assessed the suitability for repair. This became known thanks to us media reports.

Деньги на ветер: почему новинка Apple не поддается ремонту

For Apple fans there is a warning. Spoiler alert, in comparison with the first AirPods almost nothing has changed, everything in its place.

Unfortunately, the new AirPods is almost impossible to fix. If you need to replace one of the components is humble, it is impossible to disassemble the headphones without breaking them completely. In iFixit not stingy on the adjectives, calling the AirPods “disappointing one” and prophesying “tiny batteries imminent failure”.

However, some improvements are still found in the case for headphone: metal hinge and water resistant coating Board can make it more durable and strong. The second Apple AirPods as the first, received for maintainability 0 out of 10 possible points. Recall that their competitors — Samsung Galaxy Buds, on the contrary, showed a good result, 6 points out of 10.

It is worth Recalling that a week ago Apple introduced the second generation of wireless headphones AirPods, which have kept the original design, but got new hardware and features. However, whether this improvement their money, as reported by the first users.

The first customers started to receive the ordered headphones yesterday, and today they appeared in retail stores. Twitter have already started to publish reviews of the first users of the new Apple AirPods.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that together with series smartphones Huawei P30 manufacturer also introduced a new model of wireless headphones Huawei Freelace. This new product can be used through a wired connection via USB port-C. surprisingly, the headphones can recharge and play music at the same time, what makes them unique device.

Recall that Apple will unveil new wireless Beats headphones.

As reported Znaia the point iPhone 11 leaking: charging is no longer needed.

Also Znayu wrote, Apple will release a mysterious gadget under the brand Beats.

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