More is known about the future platform for streaming Warner Bros.

On en sait plus sur la future plateforme de streaming de Warner Bros.

Three levels of membership different to the study.

The streaming service born of WarnerMedia will be launched in beta version by the end of 2019 with three different versions, reports Variety today.

AT&T unveiled Thursday in New York its plans for its service yet-untitled official, in a presentation to investors, in order to share its perspectives and its intention to reduce the large debt burden accumulated by AT&T in its acquisition of Time Warner, for an amount of 84.5 billion dollars.

The CEO of AT&T explains that the service SVOD of WarnerMedia will offer consumers three options of subscription, starting with “a package intended for the films entry”. It will also offer “a premium service offering original programming and blockbuster movies” and a third option “that contains the content of the first two and the vast library WarnerMedia and its licensed content.” No price yet advanced.

John Stankey, president and CEO of WarnerMedia, said that the objective of the company was to offer programming attractive to an audience wider than that generally targeted by HBO in particular (the premium channel of Time Warner) : “We want to broaden the demographic base, to continue our opening and collect more content afins to get more engagement on the digital.”

WarnerMedia precise in passing that its studios will continue to sell its programs (Friends or Big Bang Theory for example) on the international markets in the short term, as well as selectively on the domestic market. “We’re not going to take all our content and keep it for ourselves“, he assured.