More “Kruzak”: Autoblogger presented an overview of the new Volkswagen Teramont

The German SUV some moments were better than the famed Land Cruiser.

Больше «Крузака»: Автоблогер представил обзор нового Volkswagen Teramont

Autoblogger decided to get acquainted with a large crossover Volkswagen Teramont cost about 3 000 000 and described in detail the parameters of the machine. According to obzorschika, the new Volkswagen Teramont surpasses Toyota Land Cruiser in length and largest wheelbase. The basis of the new Volkswagen Teramont was based on the MQB architecture. The underhood space is a large crossover is a 2-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 220 horsepower. The reel motor is 8-band automatic transmission system connected the front and rear wheel drive.

Salon “Tramonto” is characterized by a progressive multimedia center, a fully digital control panel inserts under a tree. Interior space is a three-row crossover a lot. Volkswagen Teramont got a spacious boot and folding rear seats, it is possible to form a flat floor, making it possible to transport very large items. Test drive Volkswagen Teramont showed that the crossover excellent cornering ability, and autoblogger noted the sensitivity and accuracy of the steering wheel in a crossover. Obzorschik noted that while riding in the car there is a high level of comfort. Roads new “Termont” also overcame without problems.

Больше «Крузака»: Автоблогер представил обзор нового Volkswagen Teramont

Finally, the blogger noted that Teramont Volkswagen is an excellent car to get around in the city and outside the city. “Termont” characterized by extensive functionality and impressive dimensions, allowing it to compete with the famous Toyota Land Cruiser 200. “More Kruzak”, – the blogger summarized.