More than 140 dolphins became stranded in New Zealand

About half of the marine animals when discovered by the employees of nature protection were killed.

Более 140 дельфинов выбросились на берег в Новой Зеландии


The incident occurred in New Zealand on Stewart island. According to Radio New Zealand, more than 140 pilot whales over the weekend, washed ashore in the South Bay Mason. Found animals too late – almost half of the mammals died. The rest of the employees of the Ministry of nature protection has lulled because of the miniscule probability that it will turn out to pull the dolphins back into the ocean.

Mass ejection sea animals ashore in New Zealand happen often. Annually experts fix up to 85 of such cases. In early November on the banks of the North island found ten pygmy killer whales, some of them managed to save. And thrown out a couple of days ago in the Bay of the sperm whale Doubltess staff are unable to help.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the reasons why cetaceans mass emitted from marine waters. According to experts, it often happens that if one Dolphin is on the shore, the other relatives are trying to help him, but ultimately share his fate.