Mother decl found the culprit of her son’s death: he was tired

Мать Децла нашла виновника смерти сына: он устал

Mother deceased recently, well-known Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky “decl” in his funeral said about the possible cause of the tragedy. The grief-stricken woman said that Cyril had to “haul in the hospital.”

About it write the Russian mass media.

Мать Децла нашла виновника смерти сына: он устал


“We should not listen to it and haul to the hospital,” said the mother of Cyril, adding that her son was getting tired of the constant moving during a tour and ate some.

It should be noted that the funeral was attended by a man who stated that he had atrial fibrillation, but to the doctors he did not treat.

Мать Децла нашла виновника смерти сына: он устал


It will be recalled that on the funeral of Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (decl), which took place in Moscow on Wednesday, February 6, there was an unpleasant incident. As writes MK, the farewell ceremony for the actor was held in the ritual hall of the Central clinical hospital of the city. At one point, a microphone picked up an unknown young man, who promised to “take revenge for Cyril.”

“Cyril, we’ll avenge you, who did this will be punished. All will answer for it,” — said in front of family and fans decl unknown. His speech was interrupted by rapper the father of Alexander Tolmatsky.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Russian pop Diva, who dedicated a poignant post suddenly deceased rapper Declo didn’t come to his funeral. After it became known that He died, Pugachev wrote full of grief and despair, the words, touching, calling him “my boy”.

“What is it ?! My boy, where have you gone?” – wrote the artist in Instagram.

However, at the farewell ceremony with the young artist, which took place on Wednesday, February 6, the singer never showed up. Although her co – Arkady Ukupnik and Sergey Krylov found the strength to come to the outskirts of Moscow to pay their last tribute to the rapper. This write Russian media.

We will remind, in a network there was the last photo of a dead decl: his hair stand on end.

As reported Znayu they left the young: the mysterious death of decl, Avicii, Chester Bennington and others.

Also Znayu wrote, a well-known propagandist of Putin suddenly died, had a special style.

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