Mouse on the ISS made a huge NASCAR race: scientists have shown a strange video

Мыши на МКС устроили дикие гонки NASCAR: ученые показали странное видео

In 2017, NASA scientists have created a special cage for mice, who were to live in space. During this time, the researchers conducted several tests, but this year, as the authors write, was the first detailed behavioural analysis of mice living in the Rodent Habitat to ISS.

An international team of scientists describe unexpected behavior in mice and published an article in the journal Scientific Reports. They also made a video which shows how strange rodents. Reports Hvilya.

Мыши на МКС устроили дикие гонки NASCAR: ученые показали странное видео

How to tell the experts in this experiment involved 20 female mice, all of them successfully passed the test. Their ages ranged from 16 to 32 weeks old. They were at the station from 17 to 33 days, number of days depended on the age of the individual. This duration corresponds to long-term missions of astronauts.

On Earth there was a group of control relatives.

First, scientists wanted to look at the rodents ‘ behavior in microgravity. Behavioral analysis can show how animals adapt to the conditions of the space station: changes in physical activity, nutrition, water intake, circadian rhythms and social interaction.

Мыши на МКС устроили дикие гонки NASCAR: ученые показали странное видео

According to the authors of the study, all 20 mice kept a healthy status during the mission. They showed a typical behaviour: fed, looked after him, supported circadian rhythms and had a body weight similar to that demonstrated by animals in the control group. However, a few days some females began to behave in an unusual way.

After 7-10 days, the young mouse began to move along the oval path. Scientists call such behaviour racing, as it is very reminiscent of NASCAR racing. Soon it acquired the character of the group, but it did not affect older mice.

The researchers can’t name the exact cause of this strange behavior. They believe that this may be as a reaction to stress, and the desire to feel the positive effects of exercise, e.g., running in the wheel on the Ground or stimulate the inner ear, which in microgravity is violated, or something else. In any event, the authors will continue to work in this direction.

We will remind, scientists have discovered that the ISS is inhabited by potentially dangerous fungi and microorganisms. Within 3 trips over the course of 14 months, the researchers collected samples from various surfaces inside the station.

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