Mover, a risky job during a pandemic

The movers will be at the post during the pandemic to help citizens who have to change their homes. But be frank and limit the number of people at home, they ask their customers.
C ‘was panic on Monday when the Quebec government announced the closure of all businesses for Tuesday at midnight. Several grieving customers called to advance their move. Others said they were going to move themselves.

After several interventions, notably that of Pierre-Olivier Cyr, owner of the Clan Panneton, moving companies have finally found their place on the list of essential companies. To the relief of many, because the contract book for April is full, says Chantal Paquet, owner of Déménagement à modique, in Quebec. And for the following months too, obviously.

The company will serve ten clients daily. It prioritizes the most urgent moves. Some smaller contracts have been postponed.

Everything must be done to protect the health of the movers, insists Ms. Paquet, who asks her customers to keep only one family member on site. “We came back on board several times because we were coming to people’s homes and they wanted to keep their group of friends or their family to move,” explains the entrepreneur. They want to help, but we do it for the protection of everyone. ”

Stretched season

Moving at a low price has closed its warehouses to limit contagion. “People told us that they wanted to come and get things, but hid from us that it was because they were coming back from a trip and that they were missing boots,” explains Chantal Paquet. Here you will get more about the adtmoving company.

The intensive moving season, which usually ends in late July, is likely to stretch into September due to the pandemic. Several condo or house takeovers are postponed due to the construction halt. Notary offices are also idling.

If several citizens have no choice but to move at the end of their lease, several commercial moves are canceled. “It is certain that there will be an economic impact for us too,” says Frédéric Girard.

For movers, the risk comes from the fact that they depend on the good faith of foreigners.

“Please be frank, insists Frédéric Girard, from Déménagement de la Capitale. If someone in your family has symptoms, you must tell us. And don’t worry about cancellation fees, there won’t be. ”

And don’t lie for fear of losing your deposit, adds Pierre-Olivier Cyr, owner of the Panneton Clan. “We will be accommodating, we keep the same rates and we have found you dates,” says Cyr.

Moving at a low price recommends that its customers make their boxes in advance and then not touch them for 24 hours. Same thing after the move. There’s no rush to unpack everything, note the movers.

At Déménagement à modique prix, movers wash their hands as often as possible.

At Clan Panneton and at Déménagement de la Capitale, we chose to wear disposable gloves.

The moving trucks are disinfected after each working day for several companies. We try to provide “bitches” of work for the movers so that they can wash it when they finish the job.

Chantal Paquet employees must move to seniors’ residences. A nurse greets the movers to take their temperature before they enter the building.

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