Mozilla will release a paid version of the Firefox browser: the main differences

Mozilla выпустит платную версию браузера Firefox: главные отличия


Mozilla will do the paid version of the Firefox browser. While no details about how it will look and work a paid browser. It seems that the company will do it based on the free version and adds bonus features – unlimited VPN, cloud storage, and something else. In any case, for those who want to purchase the paid version will have unlimited opportunities. It seems that the company wants to earn on the users. In theory, Mozilla can implement all these features in the regular version, but it did not.

Mozilla выпустит платную версию браузера Firefox: главные отличия

About plans to release a paid browser said Mozilla CEO Chris beard, reports The Verge.

Making a paid browser, Mozilla can protect users from transferring personal data to third parties. Due to this earn free VPN services.

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The company warned that it will not take money for features that exist in the current version of Firefox. They will only offer the users to pay a subscription for extra features. This means that free users will not be limited in the possibilities.

Mozilla выпустит платную версию браузера Firefox: главные отличия

Recall that the experts have announced a release date for the next flagship from Samsung. According to analysts, the Galaxy Note 10 appears in stores in late August or early September. Among other things, it is worth noting that the device will hit stores in four versions, two of them will support 5G network. About the prices while to speak early, but one of the modifications will cost about $ 1,200, which is to be expected for the price tag of this phablet.

Earlier Znayu reported that Samsung called the release dates are fixed flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold, which previously started to massively break down. The company has for several months tried to fix the problem, and she did it.

Znayu wrote that Huawei will release a new OS for its smartphones, and under different names in different markets. According to rumors, the new OS will be presented at the end of the summer or in early autumn, but the smartphone will hit stores in early 2020.

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