Music helps children with hearing loss better perceive sound information

This involves developing the skills to purposefully pay attention to the necessary things.

Музыка помогает детям с нарушениями слуха лучше воспринимать звуковую информацию


Researchers from England and Finland conducted a study involving 21 children aged from four to 13 years, which had a hearing loss. Experts have divided the children into two groups. The first group included in the field of music, and the second not having such skills. The result of the experiment revealed that the children from the first group better perceive audio information, hearing from all subjects equally bad. The guys during the experiment, showed pictures, and then spoke words about the depicted objects. The job of children was to understand what they are told by adults.

Children with hearing AIDS involved in the music, better cope with against to them requirements. According to scientists, regular exercise improves selective attention. In the end music guys better perceive and process sound information. This influenced the results of the experiment. According to doctors, music lessons help the deaf better to focus in a noisy space.