Music “prostitution”: Buzova became entangled in musical genres in the race for popularity

The singer announced his new song.

Музыкальная «проституция»: Бузова запуталась в музыкальных жанрах в гонке за популярностью

Many fans of Olga Buzova enthusiastically showered his favorite epithets, being interested in her enough energy to work to create the songs keep the show “Dom-2”, to appear in different TV shows, and actively manage your microblog in the social networks. However, some fans also criticize the singer, calling her activities in the musical “prostitution”, because many of their initiatives simply she gets to the end. For example, almost no one remembers about BuzCoin, which not long ago touted itself Buzova at the peak of popularity of crypto-currencies, announced the beginning of a new era under her name. Most likely, host of telestroke just wants to get everything at once, trying to keep up with any theme that promises her hype and the rush of new fans. As Olga behaves in the world of show business, trying to build a successful music career, as after the announcement of a new song Buzova the impression that she was confused in musical genres in the race for popularity.

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You know what’s best???? ???? New song – done ? Quick, dance, like you asked ???? High???? #rattanaburi ????

A post shared by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) on Nov 27, 2018 at 11:45am PST

Shocking brunette got the love of millions of fans thanks to the sensual songs and romantic image of a girl who is desperately trying to be loved and cherished. To everyone’s surprise, the pop diva was soon tested themselves in the art of rap, writing a song by Vitya AK. After such an abrupt change in musical direction Olga Buzova has not stopped and has again decided to change the style of his music, announcing dance composition at an accelerated rate. The singer himself said that she wrote this song based on the wishes of the fans, so it is possible that in the future Buzova for the sake of maintaining popularity, is testing itself, and in jazz and R&B, and Drum & Bass, if it pleases her fans.