Musk revealed Tesla’s future electric truck Semi: photos

Маск показал будущий электрогрузовик Tesla Semi: фото

Tesla Semi

Jerome Guillen (Jerome Guillen), Vice President of Tesla freight programs, shared in LinkedIn image Tesla Semi-loaded Tesla Model 3 for delivery. Guillen called this photo “a Perfect day for delivery.” However, the photo is interesting not Tesla cars themselves, driven by their owners, and it is a truck that performs and transportation.

We imagine that in the near future, so Tesla will supply the majority of its electric cars to customers.

After CEO Elon Musk has shared a photo of a truck carrying a Semi Tesla electric vehicles on Twitter – in a single shot we saw the vision of the sustainable future. Tesla strives to deliver as many cars as possible, and even uses their own electric vehicles for delivery vehicles.

Маск показал будущий электрогрузовик Tesla Semi: фото

The truck is still at the development stage, so to see him on the road will fail in the near future. However, for customers, Tesla has the opportunity to see the truck from all sides.

We will remind that in the hands of the head spotted a mysterious Xiaomi smartphone. It is reported that this device will get the top-end Snapdragon processor 855. In addition, the device will get rid of the cut and holes in the screen and the front camera will be placed in the body, which will increase the display area on the front panel, and to hide the front camera when needed.

Earlier Znayu reported that Meizu 16s was first lit in the network. It is reported that the device received the top-end processor, and its performance characteristics are considered today’s flagship. About the price while to speak early, but the unit is in the flagship smartphone segment.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft revealed the new Surface 2 laptops. And though outwardly they have not changed, the stuffing will allow to work the laptop is much faster and handle much more information. However, for a brand new laptop will have to pay about 1400 dollars, which is quite expensive for a modern laptop, even for Apple products.

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