Mysterious Jamal appealed to the fans

Загадочная Джамала обратилась к фанатам


The famous Ukrainian singer, winner of “Eurovision”, and more recently – even a young mother, Jamal often pleases fans with news of his creative life in Instagram. This time the singer has published a striking photo, which poses in a seductive manner. In his post Jamal also addressed the fans with the question.

The photo that appeared in the account Jamala, she is posing in stylish dress sitting on a black and white square Ottoman. For the photo, the actress wore a black blouse with an open neckline and wide denim pants which stick thread. On his feet Jamala massive black boots, she sits, crossing her one leg on the knee of the second. Hair artist and dissolved straightened, her face a light makeup and a nice smile.

In the caption, Jamal asks fans, whether they liked her new song. “A week since the release of the single Solo. Wanted to know you listened to/are listening to? I wanted to add to your playlist? To Wake and sleep with this song? Link to Solo in a cap profile #jamala #jamala_solo,” wrote the singer. Geolocation for imagery suggests that it was made in Kiev.

Fans did not remain indifferent and began to comment on the publication of Jamala. Followers delighted with the luxurious image of the singer and covered her with compliments in the comments. Many also praise the new song Jamala, answering her questions.

“Love and want to continue”, “From the very first listen, added! Thanks for the cool track. I love your work!”, “Fell in love with this song the first listen! Now my day begins and ends with her. Thank you,” “In the playlist by far! She is well accompanied by all the activity and passivity”, “a Beautiful song. Not “Creel”, of course, but it sounds nice and easy,” write in kommentariyah to the photo.

Recall, Jamal changed his image for the sake of the cult of gloss.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Jamal showed fans a grown son.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Jamal played a trick on the fans, put up a touching picture.

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