N95 masks and gloves: Quebec requests help from university laboratories

While demand continues to grow for N95 masks, visors and protective gloves while COVID-19 rages, Quebec claims to have enough for a few weeks. However, the government has already asked universities to identify everything that their laboratories have as protective equipment in order to help nursing staff.
The McGill University in Montreal relayed this call for Quebec to all its laboratories last week: “Write protective equipment to those who are on the front line of the Covid-19.”

Lab coats and disinfectant gel are also part of the equipment sought.

Laval University in Quebec has also received this request from the government, like the University of Sherbrooke.

The latter had not waited for this call, however: it had already begun collaboration with the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS long before the government made the request, indicates the educational institution.

While Prime Minister François Legault argued on Tuesday that Quebec has enough masks and medical equipment for “a few weeks”, workers in the health network say they are short.

This request to university laboratories reports on one of the steps taken by the government to meet the demand.

Prime Minister François Legault also said that he had personally asked the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, for his cooperation in ensuring the supply of medical equipment.

“The top priority is medical equipment, especially equipment for testing. We must be certain that we have enough equipment, in the coming weeks, the next months, to continue, to do more tests with people, “said Mr. Legault Tuesday in a press briefing.

But on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Trudeau himself asked universities, colleges, polytechnics and CEGEPs across the country to tell him if they have protective masks and respirators.

McGill University has also made a second call to its laboratories, telling them that the Public Health Agency of Canada is in urgent need of reagents, which are chemicals essential for testing for COVID-19. .

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