Nadia Dorofeeva has publicly confessed his love to the girl

Надя Дорофеева публично призналась в любви девушке

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva touching congratulated his admirer on February 14. This sends Clutch.

On Valentine’s Day, Nadya Dorofeeva decided to go all the way, and congratulations in social networks is not her husband, and subscribers. In Instagram artist there is a touching appeal to the admirers favorite.

“My brand is love! Today I want to confess I love all the dodo girls. So relaxed, bright and beautiful” – written by Dorofeeva.

Touched members appreciated this gesture and began to congratulate Nadia in response.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish you more love with Johnny”, “happy Valentine’s Day! I wish that in your heart, always live love. To heart was warm and happy. Below you succeeded. And so there was always beloved and desired man”, “CLA-a-ass, my dream is to visit this shop of dreams! The most stylish in the world. Nadia beauty. I love you too!” comment moved by fans.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Dantes told how to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day, if you have no money.

Husband Nadia Dorofeeva invented some unusual ways and described them, of course, not without irony.

“Let’s start with the fact that this person is absolutely not thinking about you (the guy, the husband). She allows herself to earn, while we men are in search of work. If you, like me, haven’t found the code to card favorite and can’t afford to buy her an expensive gift, she will certainly happy to get a gift made with your own hands. The more my hands are Golden,” assured the host.

We will remind, Dorofeeva charmed from Ukrainian designers.

Earlier Znayu reported, Dorofeeva fell in love with the cult dude and that’s not Dantes.

Also Znayu wrote, Dorofeeva won New York Fashion Week.

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