Named the most dangerous Android apps: will remove them immediately

Названы самые опасные Android-приложения: удалите их немедленно

Android app monitor users

Popular applications for the Android operating system passed user data in social network Facebook. Where “drain” occurred even if the person was not registered in the social network. It is worth noting that Facebook merges your data to third parties who in turn make target advertising. It would seem that this is a harmless action, but the company collects a file on you, and has information about your preferences in different situations.

Названы самые опасные Android-приложения: удалите их немедленно

Among the “spyware” programs with millions of users appeared to be the search service services and institutions Yelp, a popular platform for learning languages Duolingo, job search Indeed, “Bible king James” and two applications with the prayers of Muslims and Muslim Qibla Connect Pro. It is worth noting that these apps are very popular.

“It’s an issue of not only privacy, but also for competition. “Fused” data are usually given the opportunity to gain a full picture of man’s day. However, it is in the style of Facebook, which leaked the data about 100 million users to third parties before the election of the President of the United States.

Названы самые опасные Android-приложения: удалите их немедленно

Recall that Microsoft is developing a new browser that will work on the basis of engine Chrome. However, there is no doubt that the new service will operate much faster. In addition, the new browser interface is very like the Chrome browser, which is very popular.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company introduced the smart piggy Bank for kids. It is reported that the device will be able to interest the child for a few hours. In addition, the Treasury is able to synchronize with a smartphone that should please users. However, the device is already $ 60.

Znayu wrote that the PlayStation 5 will get an unrealistic possibility. It is reported that Sony introduced the technology of surround sound even if it is flat. Sony has developed this technology for several years, so fans will be delighted.

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