Named the most popular athlete in the world

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

American channel ESPN has published an annual ranking of the most popular athletes in the world.

For the fourth time won the football team of Portugal and of the Turin Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo.

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

For 34-year-old striker has settled basketball player Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and star player of Barcelona Lionel Messi.

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

By the way, Ukrainian athletes in the ranking of the American channel did not get.

To create a comparative ranking system developed by formula, which includes the salaries of athletes and their prize money, income from sports activities, the popularity in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Google searches.

Ranking of popular athletes in the world:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer, Portugal)

2. LeBron James (Basketball, USA)

3. Lionel Messi (Football, Argentina)

4. Neymar (Soccer, Brazil)

5. Conor McGregor (MMA Ireland)

6. Roger Federer (Tennis, Switzerland)

7. Virat Kohli (Cricket, India)

8. Rafael Nadal (Tennis, Spain)

9. Stephen Curry (Basketball, USA)

10. Tiger woods (Golf, USA)

11. Kevin Durant (Basketball, USA)

12. Paul Pogba (Football, France)

…14. Killian Mbappe (Football, France)

15. Khabib Nurmagomedov (MMA, Russia)

16. Antoni Griezmann (Football, France)

17. Serena Williams (Tennis, USA)

…20 Novak Djokovic (Tennis, Serbia)

21. Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1, UK)

…23. Thomas Müller (Football, Germany)

…28. Kei Nishikori (Tennis, Japan)

29. James Rodriguez (Soccer, Colombia)

30. Mohamed Salah (Football, Egypt)

31. Tom Brady (American football, USA)

32. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Football, Sweden)

…34. Deontay Wilder (Boxing, USA)

…36. Luis Suárez (Football, Uruguay)

37. Maria Sharapova (Tennis, Russia)

38. Sergio Ramos (Football, Spain)

39. Tyson Fury (Boxer, UK)

40. Wayne Rooney (Football, UK)

41. Ninja (ESports, USA)

…45. Russell Westbrook (Basketball, USA)

…47. Kyrie Irving (Basketball, USA)

…49 James harden (Basketball, USA)

…60. Luka Modric (Football, Croatia)

…63. Anthony Joshua (Boxing, UK)

…68. Saul Alvarez (Boxing, Mexico)

…78. Gennady Golovkin (Boxing, Kazakhstan)

…85. Giannis Adetokunbo (Basketball, Greece)

…95. Gianluigi Buffon (Football, Italy)

The salary of Zidane in the Real world

Zinedine Zidane signed with real Madrid until 2022. The salary of Zidane in the Madrid club will be around 16 million euros per year.

Recall, Zidane was headed by real Madrid in 2016 and 2018 and three times in a row won with the club the Champions League.

Zidane retired from real Madrid in may 2018, after which the club changed three coaches, and the team was relegated from the Champions League and the Spanish Cup, and lost the chance at the championship.

Wrote Znayu new contract Zinedine Zidane for up to 3.5 years, until 30 June 2022.

The journalists of the Spanish newspaper Marca has learned a list of demands the French specialist, which he put forward before the management of the club.

The list of requirements Zidane:

1. Full control over the team

2. Selling players he does not see the team

3. Marcelo and ISCO not for sale

4. The refusal from the purchase of Neymar

5. James will not return

6. You need to try to sign Mbappe

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

Ramos and Perez

The defeat of real Madrid in the Champions League from Ajax (1:4) was the reason for the scandal in the locker room “Santiago Bernabeu” President “Galacticos” Florentino Perez and captain Sergio Ramos who did not participate in the match due to suspension for deliberately obtained the yellow card.

Perez blamed the players for their behaviour during the game, writes AS. The President raised tone, spoke about the lack of commitment, the surplus of available days and even used the word “shameful.”

It was then that Ramos could not resist and responded, accusing the President and his Board of Directors to improper planning. “You’ll pay me, and I’m leaving”, shouted the captain. And looking at the President, he added: “I gave everything for this club and even for you.” The entire staff witnessed the altercation.

Назван самый популярный спортсмен мира

After that Florentino Perez spoke with the Board of Directors of real Madrid until two in the morning. As a result, bosses of the club were left on the table plans to fire head coach Santiago Solari and replace him with Jose Mourinho.

As previously reported Znayu Barcelona in the return match of the Spanish Cup win for real Madrid with the score 0:3 and reached the final of the King Cup.

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