NASA announced the successful landing of a probe on the Mars InSight

The apparatus landed on the surface of the red planet on November 26.

В НАСА сообщили об удачной посадке зонда InSight на Марс

According to experts, after landing, the probe is first charged battery from the solar panels.

Already received the first images taken by the device after landing. Picture is not entirely clear, however scientists have seen the flat horizon, indicating that the landing of the probe was a success and he received no damage. Experts explained that the chamber has adhered to the Martian dust that affected the quality of the pictures.

InSight will explore the bowels of the planet, as well as to record the temperature of its soil. The findings will help researchers to determine with what intensity cools Mars.

Landing of the probe only lasted 6 minutes, but the employees of NASA at this point was extremely wary. They named this period of time “six minutes of hell.”

InSight became the eighth research probe to reach the surface of Mars. His flight from Earth to Mars lasted about six months.