NASA resurrected the Hubble telescope: ‘ll last another 5 years

NASA воскресила телескоп Hubble: протянет еще 5 лет

Orbital telescope Hubble

After a massive software failure of the orbital telescope Hubble NASA fully resumed work. Apparently the space Agency managed to fix breakdowns in the system expensive Hubble telescope.

NASA воскресила телескоп Hubble: протянет еще 5 лет

“NASA has resumed research the main camera (the Advanced Camera for Surveys, ACS) of the Hubble, the operation of which was suspended on 28 February. Final tests conducted on March 6, camera returned in working regime”, – stated in the message.

NASA said that the problem with the camera occurred after incorrect update its software. The task force has made repeated tests to restart the memory and check the whole process.

NASA воскресила телескоп Hubble: протянет еще 5 лет

Recall that Hubble – automatic Observatory in orbit around the Earth, named after Edwin Hubble. He has been working in orbit for 29 years, although the initial period of its operation was calculated for 15 years. In NASA believe that the operational reliability of the apparatus by 2025 over 80%. Apparently, this is one of the most successful projects of NASA, given how much information the orbiting telescope has brought.

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