National Interest: the United States will be defeated in the event of war with Russia or China

The American publications on military and political topics of National Interest says that before Washington now face five major challenges: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and international terrorism.

National Interest: США потерпят поражение в случае войны с Россией или Китаем


In the US there is currently an acute shortage of soldiers in the army, and the armed forces less than at any time since the Second world war. The American edition of unflattering comments about the military industry of the United States. According to journalists at the National Interest, if not to increase funding for the armed forces, Washington, “drown in blood”. The magazine’s staff are convinced that the US will suffer a setback in case of war with Russia or China, if it happens at the moment.

Military experts recommend that Washington strengthen its position in Europe and the Pacific. At the end of the report stated that the U.S. came to full-blown national security crisis.

Despite unflattering reviews on the current state of the American army, experts advise in the White house to adequately perceive criticism, not to lose heart and to improve the situation in all possible ways, with an emphasis on increasing funding. However, in the US and already in the military industry annually spend huge amounts of money, but the positive effect from these investments is minimal.