Native Poplavskaya made a loud statement about the tragedy in “Diesel Show”

Родные Поплавской сделали громкое заявление о трагедии в "Дизель Шоу"

Sister Marina Poplavskaya – Lyudmila accused the producers of the Comedy show “Diesel Show” in black PR and manipulation.

Since the death of the actress has been more than 4 months, all her colleagues are still recovering from a terrible accident. Relatives of the deceased star in the network openly told the details of their dialogue with the producers of the project.

According to the sister, on the eve of the birthday of the stars, which took place on 9 March, the producers of “Diesel Show” previewed a speech in honor of the artist. The funds collected, the artists wanted to convey nieces of the deceased colleagues – Anna and Catherine. Relatives of the star did not give consent and do not wish to accept the proceeds from such performances. They even resent that such handouts do not need them.

Родные Поплавской сделали громкое заявление о трагедии в "Дизель Шоу"

“We can no longer stand by and be silent, looking at how the producers “Diesel Show” and PR-Manager PR do actions illogical, unclear and untimely. Our family was against that at the time of mourning was held any high-profile event in the name of the Marina, and especially to the day of birth”, – said Lyudmila Poplavskaya.

Sister Marina Poplavskaya was frankly surprised how the team “Diesel Show” were able to open accounts to transfer money without her signature and necessary documents. Lyudmila Poplavskaya added that prohibits publicly involve her children.

Родные Поплавской сделали громкое заявление о трагедии в "Дизель Шоу"

The woman said, why it has a conflict with the producers of “Diesel Show”. In particular, Lyudmila Poplavskaya frankly said that after the tragic accident she found out about his sister’s death from the Internet and not from members of the comic project. After about 3 weeks after the tragedy Lyudmila sent a proposal to participate in the filming of the movie “Queen of humour”.

“Make movies, not having sustained a pause, in such a difficult family time is unacceptable. This TV “product” has nothing to do with human creative achievements which are the largest in the CIS and Europe. Its special merit and modesty is our pride! Marina Poplavska respected and admired her talent all the masters of humor and television in many post-Soviet countries… Work in the project “Diesel Show” is a very short period of life and creativity”, – said Lyudmila Poplavskaya.

We will remind, the death of Marina Poplavskaya has provoked a new scandal around the “Diesel show”.

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