Natural painkillers: what kind of berries help with arthritis

Натуральное обезболивающее: какие ягоды помогают от артрита

The juice of cranberries reduces the painful symptoms of arthritis in women.

A small study by the University of Londrina showed that daily consumption of a pint of low-calorie cranberry juice can be a valid remedy for diseased joints, according to Daily Mail.

Women who consumed the juice of the berries for three months experienced a decline in level of antibodies that affect the immune system and damage the joints.

Натуральное обезболивающее: какие ягоды помогают от артрита


As explained by scientists, the antioxidants in cranberries help to prevent some of the immune reactions that cause pain and aching of joints people with rheumatoid arthritis.

In the study, a team of scientists invited 41 woman with rheumatoid arthritis, which affects mainly hands, feet and wrists.

Behind them were clinical monitoring for 90 days. Women were divided into two groups: 23 participants drank half a liter of cranberry juice every day, and 18 adhered to their usual diet.

The researchers then took blood samples and measured the level of antibodies produced by the hyperactive immune system attacking the joints.

Натуральное обезболивающее: какие ягоды помогают от артрита

Cranberry juice

If the results of scientific rabot be proven in large studies, the healing properties of cranberry and its antioxidants can be used to create a cure for the symptoms of arthritis.

According to some experts, there is evidence that quercetin, a compound found in large quantities in cranberries can prevent inflammation in the body, “blocking” causing his genes.

However, in this study it was found that cranberry juice could not reduce the inflammation because of the chemical characteristics of this harmful immune response has not changed in the blood.

At the same time, British geneticists have proposed to modify the eggs so that they contain proteins which are lacking people with arthritis and cancer.

Recall that in fruit juices sold in the U.S., found arsenic.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” sweet carbonated water, fruit juices, beer and tea increase the risk of kidney disease by 61 %.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that a glass of orange juice a day reduces the risk of dementia in men.

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