Near Kiev, something terrible caught in a trail camera: hovered over the bait

Под Киевом нечто жуткое попало в объектив фотоловушки: парило над приманкой

Mystical and unexplained things happen around the world. Thus creating thousands of questions that put humanity to a standstill.

In a forest near Kiev, but rather in the Ivanovo district is a nature lover Prokop Prokopenko decided to arrange a photoshoot of a lone wolf using automatic cameras.

Под Киевом нечто жуткое попало в объектив фотоловушки: парило над приманкой

However, instead of the animal, camera traps have spotted something quite strange and nothing like that. Man sent photo and video evidence portal “Ukraine Anomalous”.

Potolovskaya served camera Santek hc-500. This device is activated by motion sensor, produces photo and video (30 seconds from activation), sending pictures via gprs to the e-mail on the smartphone.

Под Киевом нечто жуткое попало в объектив фотоловушки: парило над приманкой

“Working in a private company, engaged in the repair mechanics, electronics – it seems Prokop. – Previously worked as a seaman in the merchant Navy. On weekends, come to the village to visit old father.

The locals told me the place that has lair of the wolf, but as interest in wildlife photography, I decided to hunt her down and shoot video. Found the tracks and set on the trail of snapped…”

It tells Prokop that night when he was asleep on his phone warning, came the. After some time another one. The man was able to see in the photo only bright spots. He suggested that it’s just the lighting effects and went back to sleep.

“In the morning we went to remove the camera and watched the video on the built-in screen. Understand that it is not flashing, objects were moved just above the place where I put the bait (meat, bones).

Can’t understand what it is. With the increase shows that it is something man-made. The size in my view is just the distance to about 10 meters.”

On the video you can really see flying up and down the strange object or entity, which is unfortunately not in focus. Probably because of the distance.

In ordinary urban shooting conditions, this effect can create illumination from any light source. But not in the deep woods, far from civilization! Yes and that SOMETHING was hanging out for some reason over the bait.

“I have twice seen a UFO, but it doesn’t look like anything! Are unaware that it was ask to help to understand this question of all who may be involved in solving this puzzle”, asking for help Prokop, saying that it’s not fake.

Recall, one man, a resident of Texas (USA), decided to take a walk in the woods, which was located next to his house. So the usual walk has turned into a scene from a horror movie.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” unknown creature kept at Bay the whole village of La Sierra in the suburbs of Puerto nare, Colombia.

Also “Znayu” I wrote the guy living in NORCROSS, Georgia, USA, spoke about the incredible meeting with aliens, which he was able to endure in 2014, at the age of 12 years.

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