Netflix cancels Daredevil ! There will be no season 4

Netflix annule Daredevil ! Il n'y aura pas de saison 4

The platform said a visibly farewell to his series Marvel.

Thunder on Netflix ! The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is coming to an end, for good. Daredevil has just been officially cancelled and will not return for a season 4.

“Marvel’s Daredevil will not return for a fourth season on Netflix. We are extremely proud of the third and final season of the series, and although this is painful for the fans, we believe that it is better to close this chapter on a positive note, “says the giant of the streaming video in a press release.

“We are grateful vis-à-vis the showrunner Erik Oleson, of its writers, of its superb team and all of its incredible cast, including Charlie Cox. And we thank the fans who have supported the show over the years”.

Daredevil : the issues that arise after the end of season 3 on Netflix

This announcement comes shortly after the cancellation of’Iron Fist (more or less expected) and Luke Cage (already a surprise). Left with Jessica Jones and the Punisher, still living for the moment, in the stable of Marvel to Netflix. The detective released its season 3 next year. And just before that you should see the season 2 of the adventures of Frank Castle. Two final seasons to say goodbye to the saga of the Defenders ?

Netflix clarifies just in its press release : “While the series on Netflix is over, the three seasons existing will remain on the platform for years, so that the character of Daredevil will live in the future projects from Marvel.” In the clear, despite the platform Disney + which will be launched in the next year, the existing series will remain on Netflix. The character of Matt Murdock, himself, could continue to live elsewhere…

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