Netflix closes a dark comic “Daredevil”

The third season of the hero of the film will be the last.

Netflix закрывает мрачный комикс «Сорвиголова»


Netflix closes a dark comic “Daredevil” without a clear explanation, pleading from journalists common figures of speech. The leaders of the service thanked the Directors and actors for their work, calling them true experts in their field. Netflix representatives say they understand the possible dissatisfaction of the audience, but the project will have to stop. The staff claimed hero “Daredevil” will appear on the TV screen. Probably will show it in a less dark form. Experts hope to see this character on the Disney platform+, which should appear next year. At the moment of the superhero series Marvel movies remain only “the Punisher” and “Jessica Jones.”

In the movie “Daredevil,” tells about a boy Matt Murdock who lost his sight. Simultaneously, it improves the other senses. Character learned in the Institute at the faculty of law and opened his own law office. By day he protects the people officially, and after dark, wearing the mask and also helps others to restore equity.