Netflix found a common language with Satanists

Streaming service Netflix has reached a compromise with representatives of the organization “the Satanic temple” for the statue of Baphomet in the episodes of the new series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina”.

Netflix нашла общий язык с сатанистамиEarlier, the “Satanic temple” has filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Warner Bros for the screening of the statues of the astral deity Baphomet. In the religious organizations claim that the statue, made themselves Satanists, was established on the basis of the iconography of the NINETEENTH century, has a number of distinctive features and it was shown in several episodes of the TV show about witch Sabrina.

As sculpture, installed in 2014 in the “Satanic temple” of Detroit, are protected by copyright, representatives of Satanists demanded from the authors of the “Sabrina” $ 50 million. However, the conflict was resolved amicably. The titles will indicate the authorship of the statue, the remaining provisions of the agreement will remain confidential.

“The satanic temple” was founded in 2013 in the United States by a group of activists of the organization with the status of religious. The doctrine is based on the fact that Satan is not a supernatural creature, a literary image, a symbol of the “eternal rebel” against tyranny and social norms.