Netflix is going to release a series of surprise at the end of December !

Netflix va sortir une série surprise fin décembre !

Finally the result of The OA ? The season 5 of Black Mirror ? Or the season 2 of the Dark ?

The official Twitter account of Netflix France made mariner fans since a few days. In his post monthly intended to announce new releases to come, we can see at the bottom a strange line made up of points of interrogation : “ ??????????” (see below).

What will happen after the 26 December on Netflix ? “At Christmas, it is never the end of our surprises”, tease just the Twitter account, leaving, therefore, clear that at the end of the month, we will discover a series surprise on the platform.

Which ? Very likely, it should be is the 5 season of Black Mirror (the series always comes out at this time of the year on Netflix) or at least a special episode named “Bandersnatch” which has been leaked a few days ago and could be set online on the 28 December.

Another option : the season 2 of Dark ! Indeed, we recall that the season 1 of the series SF is German arrival on our screens of all, there is battery one year (on December 1, 2017). In fact, it would not be illogical for the season 2 so in the days to come, as filming of new episodes began in June last year and, since then, there was no news of the production… to better keep the surprise ?

Last option is : season 2 of The OA, as is expected since nearly two years and has already closed its shooting for a long time. We recall that the season 1 had already arrived on Netflix as a big surprise December. The platform may have the urge to do that again this year, with the following…

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