Netflix “replaced image”: animated logo fans

Netflix "сменил имидж": анимированный логотип порадовал поклонников

The world-famous streaming service Netflix has decided once again to “change the image” – customers will have to get used to the unexpected, let and stylish innovation. Writes about this edition of the Letters, referring to the Twitter account seewhatsnext.

Now the launch of the original Netflix production to be begin with play the logo. And although visually the screensaver is fully updated, the sound remains the same.

The new logo begins with a familiar letter N, which in just a few seconds is divided into many horizontal light strips.

A Netflix representative explained to Fast Company that this “barcode” arose from the idea to deploy sketches own show Netflix.

On a new animation worked own design team and independent Agency. Development took two years. The last time Netflix corporate style was changed in 2016 – then the service refreshed the icon.

Netflix "сменил имидж": анимированный логотип порадовал поклонников

The new logo will be reproduced on the content, which will be released on Netflix after the first of February 2019.

Also it will be added to all the old products of the company in a short time.

Recall, teenagers from all over the world are hooked on a terrible trend – they eat their fingers for the sake of likes. Beware, not a pleasant sight.

The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. Sometimes flash mobs afraid of his madness. Often the antics at the camera end with injuries. Nevertheless, new and strange trends to win young minds.

So the teenagers from around the world eat their fingers to the music and publish social video. The process is not pleasant, but trends require sacrifice. Published videos, users perceive differently, and pleasure of this spectacle far not to all.

We will remind, on December 21 at the Netflix premiere of the anticipated horror film called “Bird box” (“Bird Box”). For several weeks, the horror movie has become incredibly popular in the United States. And all thanks to the fact that the network has a lot of memes dedicated to the horror.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” meme “distracted boyfriend” appeared online about 2 years ago. In early 2019, this meme decided to rethink.

Also “Znayu” I wrote Pets social network users have become victims of the new fun online flash mob. Just a blanket and a tricky owner is able to bring the dog to the confusion.

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