New details about a folding smartphone from Motorola leaked in the network

Новые детали о складном смартфоне от Motorola слили в сеть

Motorola, now owned by Chinese Lenovo is also working on a smartphone with a flexible screen, which will become a successor of the famous Motorola RAZR clamshell. However, it will look weird, even when compared with other flexible smartphones.

Новые детали о складном смартфоне от Motorola слили в сеть

The exact marketing name of the smartphone is still unknown, but the record company model is mentioned under the name Voyager. Among other things, the device will run on Android, so most apps will still be available. However, whether the smartphone with the same appearance and characteristics, time will tell.

Новые детали о складном смартфоне от Motorola слили в сеть

The screen also can display up to 6 quick settings, but their functionality is not disclosed. In addition, if a user runs a Google Assistant when the phone is closed, the animation and additional information will be displayed on the second display.

About the release date and the price, while there is no information. Let’s hope that the device will have in 2019.

Recall, the experts tested the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 on maintainability. To the surprise of the public, he earned all 3 stars and 10. This means that it’s much easier to buy a new device than to repair. Given the unusual settings screen, repair will cost UAH 10 000, if not more. However, to repair the gadget by yourself just will not work.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Meizu introduced a budget smartphone Note 9. The main feature of the device was the top camera. Besides, the novelty has already appeared in Ukraine. As for the prices on the shelves, the device would have to pay about 7500 UAH.

Znayu wrote that the popular messaging app Viber has suddenly added a night theme for apps on the smartphone. Activate it is quite simple, and anyone can try the new functionality of the application.

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