New image winnik poisoned the wolves libido: change stylist

Новый образ Винника отравил волчицам либидо: смените стилиста

Famous singer Oleg Vinnik, which has long been the dream of millions of Ukrainian women, had often indulged the she-wolf new photos and videos in Instagram.

Recently, however, in the social network winnik lull. About a month he heard nothing, and the fans became nervous. But recently the actor has posted selfies where once again recalled the presentation of his new songs “Queen”, writes And although the pictures winnick looks very elegant in a white jacket with black buttons with a white turtleneck, and his hair down, the fans noticed irreparable: Vinnik started to go bald.

In the caption, Oleg Vinnik left a few lines from a new song, “Cupid”, which premiered on February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

“Sumn Ochi shom not shawati. For them you upsate. Hto would not Bula T., Anastasia Chi Oksana, Tobi odne im’ I – Roxolana! Thank you for your feedback,” wrote winnick.

Fans, of course, flattered and did not remain indifferent to this new publication of his idol, and began to pepper him with compliments, wishes and declarations of love. There were those followers that the song did not like.

“Winnick’s BALDING????”, “Song of the miracle! Yak , VSI Vashi hits and ballads! And schodo way, turn such as a Boule, from swim volosam. Tapers way You don’t pas”, “Everything they write, so Garneau. Forgive, and I write directly:” Povernetsya such as a Boule! Parapente svoï papered photo. VI there is a super!!! And now this is the way You smyv”, “Scho TSE for Novi stilli, so that You smyle? Mi hocemo baciti Oleg winnick, yakogo mi zvykli baciti and Yakima mi always zooplilie!”, “Duzhe sad, scho tsya song is not the camp htom, Yak VSI INSHI songs, song duzhe not…”, “go Back to the Russian version! You are no longer interesting! What a pity! You are a powerful singer”, “Oleg, what is your hairstyle???”, — write in the comments to the photo.

Earlier, we wrote that winnick gave Ukraine on February 14, new Roksolana.

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik made a gift to his fans on Valentine’s Day. He presented a first and a previously unknown version of the track “Roksolana”.

The dramatic track is the music video, which the singer will present in the near future. Video has a social character, narrating the stories of girls-the Roxolani about their life abroad.

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As reported by “Know.ia”, daughter of lorac leaned in the model.

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