Niece Rotaru told why he renounced the star relative

Племянница Ротару рассказала, почему отреклась от звездной родственницы

Few people know that the Ukrainian singer Sonya Kay actually happens to be the niece of Sofia Rotaru, and even received the name in honor of the star relative. Edition of TSN Sonia said, why not act under the famous name.

The young singer appeared in the world of show business literally from the cradle. Besides the fact that she is the niece of legendary stars, her mother sang in the band “Cheremosh”, where dad was Director. But Sonya Kay decided not to play under the name Rotaru.

Племянница Ротару рассказала, почему отреклась от звездной родственницы

According to the girl, her and her star aunt, a completely different style, and although Sonia is very fond of her cousin, would like to be self-sufficient to be regarded as a separate creative unit and not as a relative of Sofia Rotaru. After all, if Sonia played under real name on the stage happened to be a mishap – it would simply be confused with the legendary “Hutoryanka”.

“I’m not trying to be a second Sofia Rotaru, because we are very different. It is a benchmark for me, she’s a great person who made a very big contribution to music. I’m doing quite another, I have a different sound, I have a tropical house, deep house and even the image of another,” — said the singer.

The actress admitted that she’s a little hurt that she perceived as his niece Rotaru, rather than the performer.

“I am proud that I was born into a family that my aunt Sofia Rotaru, but of course want to come across as a person, as Sonya Kay”, she said.

According to the singer, despite the fact that Sofia Rotaru has extensive musical experience, Sonya Kay is with her exclusively in relationships and tips is not asking.

We will remind, the young niece of Sofia Rotaru has deprived fans of dream racy photos.

Previously we reported that another relative Rotaru – 17-year-old Sonia Evdokimenko. The granddaughter of the legendary Ukrainian singer shared with his fans photos unusual photo shoot. Many of her followers noted that getting into the holiday and winter atmosphere.

Vivid pictures of Sonia Evdokimenko has published in his Instagram profile.

Recall that Sofia Rotaru has secretly married.

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