Nikolai Dobronravov 90 years old

With the anniversary of the legendary poet were congratulated by the first persons of the state.

Николаю Добронравову исполнилось 90 летIn particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin wished him health, inspiration and courage and noted that Dobronravov gained national love not only as the author of poems and songs about the main human qualities, but as a patriot, singing of the glorious and heroic moments of the history of the country. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted in the work of the laureate of the State prize of the USSR extraordinary lyricism, love of country and stressed that his work holds a special place in Russian poetry, music and the hearts of millions of Russians.

Dobronravov grew up in an orphanage during the war years, as no one else managed to convey the atmosphere heavy and hungry war and early postwar years. Being a contemporary of the epoch-making events of the space age, the Olympics-80, Dobronravov talent sang them.

The most famous songs Nikolai Dobronravov wrote in collaboration with composer Alexandra Pakhmutova, where he was married for 62 years.