Niva stuck in the 70s: the miserable update LADA 4×4 complain to the network

Russians respect a legendary model, but I think that it is time to radically change.

«Нива» застряла в 70-х: На убогие обновления LADA 4x4 жалуются в сети

In a social network “Vkontakte” in the official group of the brand LADA, the Russian motorists have expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor updates LADA 4×4. Users noted that Niva stuck in the 70’s, and that of the company “AVTOVAZ” it is time finally to seriously work on this model and not to “embellish” its a plastic kit or dilute the palette of the new body color.

First and foremost, users have demanded a new motor for the “Niva”: “the engine time to retire. Master of the garage for a long time ahead of the engineers of “AVTOVAZ”. 40 years marking time in one place. Give people a new motor”. Also, the motorist complained about the penny shelf, which is “booming for 40 years,” and the spare tire under the hood, maimed many people. “The trouble is that for 40 years the plant doesn’t want to improve. And the opinion of the owners, the engineers do not care,” wrote the indignant user.

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«Нива» застряла в 70-х: На убогие обновления LADA 4x4 жалуются в сети

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One of the drivers noted that the model LADA 4×4 power is not enough: “This machine need 120 forces.” They also believe that “Field” must be processed body, to introduce the airbag, to add a robotic CAT and to improve the quality of the interior finishing, and it is at least.

Motorists complain that sell LADA 4×4 in our time without any modern security system is a crime, “Show concern for people. Move the spare tire, put a pillow, ABC, ESP, hopefully in the Field though the belts with the pretensioner? Make a new spar construction, make the increasing body. Even so, without external embellish”.

«Нива» застряла в 70-х: На убогие обновления LADA 4x4 жалуются в сети

Representatives of the community LADA, however, to all claims motorists respond that “Field” love for what it is: “especially because he perfectly fulfills its basic functions and pleases its owner outside the city roads.” Motorists hope that LADA 4×4 of new generation will truly surpass all expectations and will become a real pride of the domestic automobile industry.