“No disgrace, bladeren”: Tour Volochkova in Russia ridiculed the Hayter

Prima “on tour” according to bed officials, say the detractors.

«Не позорилась бы, блядерина»: Тур Волочковой по России высмеяли хэйтеры

Anastasia began touring in different cities of Russia, and in his profile on the social network star publishes video and photos from trips. Prima of the Russian ballet likes to say that evil people are only in the comments on the Internet, but in reality, all the people greeted her kindly and with respect, give a big bouquet of flowers and smiling. However, Hayter was immediately ridiculed tour Volochkova in Russia: “***tvo with officials, ridiculous gestures on the stage of rural clubs – all this is referred to as the proud word “tour”… Like on the best stages of Europe and Russia… no disgrace, bladeren…”.

This and all similar comments Volochkova considers the machinations of envious of her success, and if you pay attention, do not choose expressions. Often their exalted Hayter prima sent in an inappropriate direction if they are expressed unpleasant for her idea. One of them is that tour Volochkova provided multiple and intimate connections with those in power, allegedly the dancer does not hesitate to have sex with men for their own benefit. However, this option seems less plausible, because Volochkova recently revealed photos from his constant beloved man and to change him with the officials would be very hypocritical.

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