“No Grants, and Viburnum”: the Blogger said, why buy the KIA Rio

The owner of the Korean sedan, having driven it almost 45,000 km, decided to tell you why you should buy this model, and it is better than the creations of the Russian automotive industry.

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Cracked “the doors”: a weak spot KIA Rio 4 warned blogger

The motorist heard “Rio” a weak glass, but I didn’t expect that much.

Blogger drives a KIA Rio with a 1.4-liter engine and a 4-step “automatic” two and a half years. Average fuel consumption came out to about 7.7 liters per 100 km. According to the motorist, during this time, he was faced with only minor damage. For example, he lit up the “check” warning of failure of the checkpoint inhibitor, which eventually changed under warranty.

According to the motorist, if the KIA Rio in time to serve, it will bring only positive emotions. The driver advised those who are going to buy such a model to monitor the catalyst and to fill in quality petrol. The only drawback of the machine according to the blogger a small gas tank where you fit a little more than 30 liters of fuel, which lasts for a maximum of 450-500 km. Despite this the car he is satisfied.

“No Grants, and Viburnum will be able to travel three to four years without breakdowns. In “Kia Rio” all saved perfectly: corrosion does not appear, nothing knocks, stands stabilizers do not change,” – said the blogger.

He also noted that if you select “Korean” in the secondary market worth buying the KIA Rio, which served the official dealers, either with a transparent service history to understand how carefully operated the car.