No muscular police interventions related to COVID-19 in Ottawa-Gatineau

The Ottawa and Gatineau police did not have to intervene physically to separate citizens who were gathered in too large numbers to limit the spread of the Covid-19.
D es outreach interventions were made, but no physical action or enforcement has been necessary in recent days, said the officer Andrée East, Gatineau police.

The situation is similar on the Ottawa side, said a spokesperson.

Government decrees of state of health emergency allow the police to make muscular interventions near recalcitrant people.

Complaints regarding non-compliance with this prohibition should not be made to 9-1-1, but rather to the numbers reserved for non-emergency calls.

“The goal is to reinforce the government’s messages and encourage citizen collaboration,” said Agent East. “Although the Gatineau Police Department favors a community persuasion approach, our police officers are ready to take coercive measures in the event of a refusal to cooperate.”

Fines of $ 1,000 to $ 6,000 may be imposed under the provisions of the Public Health Act.

In Ottawa as in Gatineau, the patrollers are particularly attentive to the places where crowds can gather.

“At the moment, our resources are sufficient to meet demand,” said Amy Gagnon of the Ottawa police.

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