No, Paul Wesley does not want to play again Stefan Salvatore

Non, Paul Wesley ne veut plus rejouer Stefan Salvatore

It does not appear in The Legacies, the spin-off of Vampire Diaries.

Paul Wesley is back in Mystic Falls. But not really. The actor from Vampire Diaries is back on the set of his glorious past, in recent weeks. But not for the replay of Stefan Salvatore. No, he came up with his hat of director, to direct an episode of the spin-off Legacies (the one that was released this week).

“It is the same tea, but it gives the impression that one is in a series completely different,” says Wesley to TVLine. “I wasn’t returned to Atlanta since I was boucle The Vampire Diaries. I came in telling me that it was going to really make me weird, but I finally enjoyed the experience of a different way. It was nice to be there, almost as a guest, to come and go.”

Jeremy Gilbert comes in Legacies, the spin-off of Vampire Diaries

A small moment of nostalgia, for the comedian, who has, however, not intend to linger on the spot. For Paul Wesley, the Vampire Diaries is beautiful and well finished. “No, I don rejouerai never Stefan. I am happy to be party to its peak. Not resurrected, not something that we would be in danger of ruin…”

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