Nobody believed, until I saw: UFO in broad daylight alarmed the city, unique footage leaked

Никто не верил, пока не увидел: НЛО посреди белого дня переполошил город, уникальные кадры попали в сеть

In Chile, local residents were videotaped a strange object in the air. They believe that it could be a UFO.

The corresponding video was published on social networks a resident of the region of Coquimbo.

The man took a huge bullet in the air that glowed. Video taken from the viewing Windows of the tallest monument in Chile – 83-metre Cruz del Tercera Mlino.

Some of the users decided that this is just a glare on the glass or reflections. Others believe in extraterrestrial origin of the object.

However, later appeared a second video from another person.

We note that recently scientists were able to detect a planet, the conditions which are suitable to human life. The population of the Earth will be able to move there if our planet will become uninhabitable.

The object on which life is possible is called Titan — a moon of Saturn. According to Wellons, humanity should consider this option besides the moon and Mars.

We also reported that the experts came to the conclusion that the aliens deliberately make contact with the dogs, contemptuous people. Find out why it is so, has not yet succeeded. But experts have put forward some assumptions about it. Probably, the aliens communicate with animals to destroy mankind. If they attack our planet, it wants to vital resources. And people will be a hindrance.

Recall that scientists have discovered in the milky way exoplanet, which is behaving rather strange. Researchers believe that in the future it can destroy everything on Earth alive.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” on the surface of Mars made an unusual shot. The footage was recorded by an unknown object which looks human. Photo was made by the robot space Agency Opportunity.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote, statistics show that every year an increasing number of people with mental disorders. The reason for this can be the aliens from the mysterious planet Nibiru.

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