Nokia 9 PureView passed the test on the build quality: a liter of glue and bolts

Nokia 9 PureView прошел тест на качество сборки: литр клея и болтов

Nokia 9 PureView

Shortly after the presentation of the cameraphone Nokia PureView 9 one of the instances of the device fell into the hands of the American works under the name Pwrdbykyank. The author of the eponymous YouTube channel has a detailed disassembly of the smartphone and posted the video on maintainability, and the characteristics of the internal layout of the device with five main chambers. The results were amazing. Even the blogger did not expect this from Nokia.

Protection class IP 67 not only prevents the ingress of liquid into the body of the smartphone, but also makes it difficult disassembly. It is reported that under the cover of the smartphone was a lot of glue, so to disassemble the smartphone will not everyone, and you should be able to wield a Hairdryer.

Nokia 9 PureView прошел тест на качество сборки: литр клея и болтов

In addition to imposing the adhesive layer, to access the filling author of the video had to Unscrew thirteen screws holding the plastic casing that covers main components of a smartphone. It is also quite difficult to do. Much harder to tighten them correctly.

However, everything else can be done at home, but we should really try to replace any part in the smartphone alone.

Recall that the Xiaomi company has prepared a pleasant surprise for users firmware MIUI 10. It is reported that this time the company has added a function for quick application access. This will simplify use of the device.

Earlier Znayu reported that the voice assistant from Apple, Siri, is able to push the water out of the speakers. It is reported that Siri runs the sound at this frequency, which is able to push the water out of the speakers. A great opportunity for those who love to take shower together with your phone. Apparently, the bowl of rice is no longer needed.

Znayu wrote that the old bug in the iOS from Apple has again made itself known. This time, the company has not removed almost the main drawback of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The bug is that when translated into the summer, the smartphone may not translate the time in automatic mode.

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