Norman Reedus, himself, did not intend to leave The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, lui, n'a pas l'intention de quitter The Walking Dead

“My family is here. I love my life here.”

This year, the fans of Walking Dead will have to collect the departure of Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln. But they can at least take some comfort in knowing that Norman Reedus, himself, has nowhere to go.

In an interview with the actor promises that he will stay until the end.”You know, I started the series in season 1, and I love to curl it ! I’ve put in so much effort in this project. For me, to leave now would be cowardice. It is true that this show is a battle of every day, for a thousand different reasons. But it is a fight in which I have invested a lot.”

The Walking Dead, season 9 : Norman Reedus says he will not be the new Rick Grimes

And then in the opposite d’Andrew Lincoln, Reedus explains : “My family is here. I love my life here. I like to ride my bike across the country for work. I am a new yorker for a very long time and now, every time I go there, I have only a haste, it is going back to Georgia.”

The performer of Daryl it even suggests that he might be interested in the future series and/or films of the franchise, mentioned recently by the boss of the chain AMC :

“I just want to tell stories that are honest. And I think that sometimes, this show is a mountain. The scripts are very long, and you only have a few days to the turn. It is a difficult job. We are shooting scenes in an hour, but if a movie was made, it could take four days to shoot these same scenes. You have that luxury in a film… It would be so nice to be able to slow down completely on the pace. So yes, I’d be up in this idea… would be fun”.

In the meantime, Norman Reedus will be in the season 9 of the Walking Dead starting this Sunday, October 7 on AMC, and in France on OCS.

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