Not Windows 10: Microsoft will unveil new operating system

Не Windows 10: Microsoft представит новую операционную систему

Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new operating system OS Lite, which is designed for weak devices. However, the system will be able to work on smartphones and tablets and on PC. The company hopes to be able to create an entire ecosystem of devices with one OS.

Thanks to the new Microsoft will attempt to stop the rapid growth of the share of Chromebooks on the market, according to Android Police.

Не Windows 10: Microsoft представит новую операционную систему

According to sources, Microsoft powered “aggressive schedule” to complete the Lite OS. Like Windows 10’s, Lite OS can only work with universal apps Windows platform (UWP) and some web applications. In addition, the network appeared the image of the screen, which shows the work of the new OSes.

Не Windows 10: Microsoft представит новую операционную систему

It is assumed that the company is considering adding support for traditional Windows applications (Win32), perhaps by running them in secure containers. Fast performance, ease of use and low maintenance are key objectives for Lite OS. Let’s hope that weak computers will be able to upgrade to get rid of unnecessary apps in Windows 10.

Recall that Apple Watch Series 5 will have a unique feature you won’t find even the competitors. It is reported that the device will learn to follow the dream of its owner, allowing to obtain more accurate information about the state of his health. Most likely, the device will show the world in September 2019.

Earlier Znayu reported that Sony has named the date of the death of game consoles PS Vita. It is reported that the gaming console has enjoyed great popularity, therefore the company decided to stop supplying and manufacturing of this portable game console.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has sharply fallen in price. Recall that at the time of commencement of sales of the device were sold at a price of 10 thousand hryvnia. Now the device can be purchased on the territory of Ukraine for 8 000.

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